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Babydoll Southdown Sheep and Apples in Season

WelcomeThe apple harvest this year has been very minimal. While at first the late spring frosts in May did not seem to be too damaging, the losses were far greater than expected. Check back next year for what we hope will again be a bountiful harvest.

Next year we will again welcome on-farm apple purchases of half a bushel or more! (By appointment only)

We sell Babydoll Southdown ewe and ram lambs!

And we sell Babydoll wool roving and quilt batts in a variety of natural colors!

Chickens and Sheep Share the OrchardWelcome to Earthsong Orchard Farm Website. Our small organic farm is located in west-central Wisconsin not far from the Apple River. Here we tend a small apple orchard and a large family garden, and also raise sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl. During the pasturing season our small ruminants are rotationally grazed in our orchards and small paddocks using a combination of permanent woven wire fencing and electric netting. Year round they are fed barley and field pea fodder grown in our diy system using certified organic feed, primarily from the Buckwheat Growers Association of Minnesota.And, of course, during the colder months they receive locally sourced hay. In all aspects of our farming, with our animals, in our gardens and in our orchard, we follow sustainable organic practices.

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For my wife, Mary Kay, and me, the farm is part of our working retirement. It is also our third venture into small scale homestead agriculture, the first starting over 40 years ago on the Georgeville Commune in western Minnesota where we planted a large communal garden with Rodale's Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening in one hand and seeds in the other.

Earthsong Fibers,our online fiberarts business, is an integral part of our homestead livelihood. It grew out of Mary Kay's long-time interest in the fiber arts and our previous experience as shepherds. We now offer wool roving from our Babydoll Southdowns Sheep on our companion site,